Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 27

July 23, 2013

I only had to go to French class today. It wasn’t too hard, but I’m freaking out about our exam tomorrow. Our speaking portion is going to be a 5-7 minute long conversation with our professor. To help us prepare he had us write down a paragraph of things we could say during class time. Besides my name, age, and birthday I simply started writing about the different places I’d travelled. When I ran out of that I started listing the places I was pretty sure my parents had visited. I don’t really want to memorize the paragraph (and that’s not the point), but it should give me a good idea of how many topics I can talk about for 5-7 minutes in French.

We also went to Chateau d’If today with Interact. Molly and I have been wanting to go there since we came to Marseille, but decided to save money and go when Interact had planned to take us. I personally think it was poor planning to have a trip by boat the day before many people have final exams (my INB 300 group project is due tomorrow too), but we all wanted to go so we decided to take our notes with us. It was cool to see the place that had been an inspiration for The Count of Monte Cristo, but it was extremely hot. On one of the neighboring Frioul Islands to Chateau d’If we found a beach and I used my time to sunbathe and conjugate verbs in the present, past, and future.

We got back a little later in the evening and I spent the rest of my night doing group work for INB 300, studying my conjugations, and having practice conversations with Molly in French.

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