Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 18

July 14, 2013

Molly and I had a little time this morning to lie out by Lake Geneva before catching our train back to Marseille around 12:45. The train ride was about 4 hours and we got back to our hotel around 4:30.

Not only is July 14th Bastille Day in France, it’s also our friend Morgan’s birthday. This year she turned 21 and was excited for everyone to help her celebrate. Interact and Euromed had set up a boat ride for us to watch the Bastille Day fireworks, so we were supposed to meet up as a group at Vieuxport at 6:30. We had hoped to go out as a smaller group for dinner with Morgan beforehand, but realized we wouldn’t have enough time. Instead we got a quick bite from a food stand and eventually made our way to the boat with our big group.

There were two kinds of people from our group on Bastille Day – those who had a fabulous time and those who didn’t. Unfortunately, I was one of the ones who didn’t. The concept of getting on a boat to watch fireworks from the water was neat in theory, but was rather boring in reality. I was still quite tired from traveling back from Switzerland, and it didn’t help that many people were drinking way too much while I had decided not to drink at all. There were only 4 options of things to buy on the boat – beer, rosé wine, fruit punch with vodka, and hotdogs. I’m not a big fan of beer or rosé wine; I tried a sip of the punch, but was unfortunately allergic. I’ve also never eaten a hotdog and never plan to. I know I can be difficult at times (all the time) about my food and drinks, but the lack of options left me quite hungry which was not good considering how tired I was too.

The fireworks didn’t started until about 10:30, and our boat was supposed to be back at the dock by 11:00. The fireworks were ok, but I think we do them better in America. Right as the fireworks were finishing up one of the girls on the trip started to have a panic attack at the same time that another girl was having a drunken episode at the other end of the boat. We got back to shore around midnight, and I was starving. Instead of going to the bars with some other people, a very cranky Molly and Sarah went to the McDonald’s and then went home.

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