Sunday, July 7, 2013


Day 10

July 6, 2013

For our Saturday stay in Marseille, Molly and I started off the day by heading to the market with two friends. I got a cute party dress for just 10 Euros and some other souvenirs. I like the dress so much that I’m considering going back another day to get one in a different color. Molly bought a cheap watch to replace the one she’d lost, and some of my friends even bought a rotisserie chicken from the food section. We walked around for an hour or so and then went back to the hotel for a few hours.

Molly practiced her violin, I caught up on the blog, other friends completed homework assignments, and eventually Molly and I started looking at prices for next week’s possible trip once again. (As I’ve told my parents, I’m pretty excited about where I want to go next weekend, but want to keep it a surprise.)

At 7:00 we met some friends to hike on a foot trail to Notre Dame de la Garde. Although we’d already seen the church, we thought it would be neat to hike to the top of the hill so we could watch the sunset from one of the best views in Marseille. The hike wasn’t too long or too steep. The trail itself was simply a couple of side streets that were already outlined on our map of the city. We took some snacks along and waited until about 9:20 to watch the sunset.

After our hike we came back to the hotel and decided to go downtown to the Vieux Port for a little bit. I got to wear my new party dress and had a fun time dancing with my friends. I liked going with a smaller group of people this time around; it was far less chaotic trying to keep up with everyone.

I hadn’t planned on doing so many outdoor activities in France, but I’ve been surprised with how much I’ve been interested in hiking and water sports since I’ve gotten here. I suppose I think it’s a bit more fun to say that I went kayaking in the Mediterranean or hiking in Marseille as opposed to saying that I simply saw the touristy sites that everyone else has seen. One of our French professors gave a group of students some great advice a few days. In regards to weekend traveling, she said that there’s no way you can possibly do everything in two or three days. If you’re caught between feeling stressed out about seeing everything or wanting to relax and have fun, always relax and enjoy the view.

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