Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 21

July 17, 2013

I had an 8:30 class again this morning. I really don’t like waking up that early. It’s even worse than a regular 8:00 class at school because you have to allow yourself about an hour for the bus ride to campus. The ride itself is supposedly 40 minutes, but the buses don’t always run on schedule, so we have to account for time to wait for a bus at the bus stop too.

I didn’t have a class during the second time slot today, so I spent my 2 ½ hour break in the library researching for Barcelona, Spain! Molly found some really cheap flights for about 126 Euros each roundtrip. Two of our friends might come along with us if it isn’t too expensive. We don’t have a hotel yet, but I’ve started looking at prices to visit the Sagrada Familia and looked into getting a 2-day city pass.

Unfortunately we’ll only have about 2 days in Barcelona because our flight back to Marseille would leave early on Sunday morning. Leaving later would be too expensive, and it might be for the best anyways because finals start next week!

Update: Our two friends ended up not being able to go to Barcelona, but Molly and I have booked our flights. It was slightly more expensive than we’d originally seen, but I’ve been wanting to go to Barcelona for a while and think even two days in Spain will be worth it. We still need to book our hotel though. I’m not too concerned because there are several cheaper options out there.

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  1. Have a great time in Spain!! Again, I wish I was with you all. Oh, to be young again...