Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 20

July 16, 2013

Today we went to Avignon on a day trip with our UNCW group. I think Avignon is my new favorite town in France! We got a guided tour of the city for about an hour, then had a wine and food tasting, and then got to explore for a bit on our own.

Every July the city has a 3-week long theater festival that takes place all over the city. There are over 500 stages set up, and over 1,000 performances a day! Some performances take place in regular theaters, some in schools or other rented spaces, and some take place on the sidewalk. It was really cool to see the performers dressed in costumes as they went around singing and advertising their shows. There were also hundreds of posters plastered everywhere to advertise the different plays.

After our tasting, a group of friends and I went back to the Pope’s Palace to tour the inside. It was a neat medieval structure that had some fun things to see inside. The only downside was that it was an extremely hot day and there wasn’t air conditioning in the palace. We kept drinking water throughout the day, but I still got a little dehydrated.

After touring the palace we went by the marketplace where I managed to buy a few gifts. We also stopped for some inexpensive gelato and then went back outside the city walls to walk along the Pont d'Avignon bridge. It wasn’t a very long day, but we did manage to see a lot of neat things in the short amount of time that we had in Avignon. I’d definitely like to come back in the future, perhaps to stay for a bit and see some French plays that I wouldn’t understand.

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