Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 26

July 22, 2013

The end is near. Today was my last day of International Business 300 (Cross-Cultural Communication), and second to last day of French. For our final exam in INB 300 we’re getting a case study about business negotiation and will have to get into groups to write up the answers to 3 questions about the case. It doesn’t seem too hard. I’d much rather have this than a final test. I’m a bit worried about French though. We have a written and oral part to the exam. I’m nervous about both. Hopefully with some studying everything will be ok.

We had a group dinner tonight at a pizzeria near Vieux Port. It was a fun outing, but the restaurant was extremely hot, and some of us (10 or more) were seated at a long booth across from our friends who were sitting in chairs, so for us it was difficult to get up if we needed to. Molly and Morgan have a French speaking exam tomorrow, so they’ve been studying for that while I attempted to work on French and succeeded in procrastinating.

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