Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 22

July 18, 2013

We got in a little late last night and I had to be up for another 8:30 class. Fortunately for me I only had one class today - International Business. Originally there had been a barbeque scheduled for today during the time our French class would’ve taken place, but it was cancelled, and we ended up just not having French.

In the afternoon we went with Interact to the Panier neighborhood of the city (the old part of the city). We finally got to go inside the Marseille Cathedral, but I hadn’t realized we’d be doing so much sight-seeing, so I didn’t bring my camera. It was fun to see a different neighborhood, and I finally caved and bought some authentic Marseille soap.

Molly and I also booked our hostel for Barcelona, though planning the trip has turned into a mini-nightmare. We had troubles printing off our tickets (mine finally worked, Molly’s still hasn’t), so we don’t even know if Molly has a seat on the plane tomorrow or not. We called half a dozen numbers, but they were all closed for the night. I miss our 24-hour call centers in America. Hopefully everything will work out and by this time tomorrow we’ll be in Barcelona.

P.S. The girl who got hurt cliff jumping a few days ago went home to the US yesterday.

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